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Another gluten/wheat free apple crumble recipe

Another crumble

You may have seen my gluten free apple crumble recipe a while ago. At the risk of being unoriginal I wanted to share another recipe for apple crumble with you.

Different topping

The one I originally posted was based on the traditional British recipe for a fruit crumble, using flour, fat and sugar to make a crumb topping. This one uses ‘eating’ apples rather than stewed Bramley apples and has a topping made from oats (obviously use gluten free oats if necessary). It comes from the website of a nutritionist based in London and you can find the recipe here.

Sugar alternatives

Where xylitol is used I often use honey instead and when I made this today I didn’t put any berries in, just apples. I also added a couple of tablespoons of ground almonds to the topping in place of the suggested coconut so the recipe is pretty adaptable really and in my opinion is just as tasty as a traditional fruit crumble.

Let me know what you think (of the food and the photo!) and I won’t be offended if you prefer this one to my own!


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