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Good Morning Beverley

This morning I had a little drive up to Beverley. Well I did that yesterday too but I literally drove there and back and didn’t stop so this morning I went and had a little wander.

I’d been through Beverly a lot when I was younger, en route to the east coast for day trips but I’d never stopped and spent any time there.

What had struck me yesterday was the view of the Minster as you approach the town. For such a small town it’s really striking to see such a huge cathedral-sized church on the skyline and even more so against the hazy sunny sky.

The funny thing was that when I drove there yesterday, although I was immediately struck by the sight of Beverley Minster as I got close to the town I somehow managed not to see it at all as I drove around the town centre.

So before I left today I made a point of finding it and snapping a quick photo. It really is very pretty and it must be amazing for the people living in the houses next to it to have something so close by.

I spent an hour walking around and looking in the shops but I didn’t see as much as I would have liked so maybe I’ll pop back there before we go back to London.

I’m enjoying being back in Yorkshire and this week I’m having a total change of routine as I relax in the afternoon after having been out in the morning which is the opposite of what I usually do.

Not sure yet what I’ll do tomorrow but I’m also hoping to make it to the seaside before the week’s out so fingers crossed for that.


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