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Photos: London in the Evening

I like London in the springtime

Walking around London at this time of year is great. I know this is like blasphemy but I don’t actually like summer. I like spring. Sometimes it rains a bit too much. Sometimes it’s bright and sunny but cool enough to walk around.

Evenings and sunsets

Occasionally you get evenings like last night. Standing on a bridge half way across the Thames, looking west you see the sun slowly setting, the light reflecting off the water, the buildings changing colour and their lights twinkling. Looking east it’s more cloudy but as the sun goes down the clouds start to look pink, purple and orange.


Nights like that are perfect for experimenting with taking photos. I wasn’t the only one to think so as there was an entire photography class all lined up with their cameras and tripods at the southern end of the Millenium Bridge.

Standing on a wobbly bridge isn’t the best plan when you’re trying out slower shutter speeds but even some of the photos that came out slightly blurry looked sort of ok because the reflections on the river looked a bit like they’d been painted on (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!). I don’t think a tripod would have helped too much either.

Still lots to learn and try out with this type of photography but it was a lovely evening to make a start! What do you think of these pictures? How might you approach taking this type of photo?


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