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Podding Broad Beans


It might seem a bit strange but one of the things I most enjoyed about yesterday was podding some broad beans.

When I was little I used to help and watch my Grandma prepare food and I learned a lot from her (including how to make Yorkshire puddings without the need for weighing or measuring anything).

Among other things I have a vague but happy memory of sitting at the table with her taking beans out of their pods ready for dinner.

The difference was that those beans had been grown in their garden, whereas the ones I prepared yesterday came from the supermarket :).

Yesterday I made a salad for dinner from chicken, broad beans, spinach and roasted new potatoes. It was unplanned and thrown together but was really tasty.

Popping them out of their furry-lined pods, blanching them and removing the outer casing. It could be a real tedious job but when there’s time to spare it was kind of therapeutic.

4 thoughts on “Podding Broad Beans

  1. Reading this brought back memories of picking and podding broad beans for my Gran when I was young. I enjoyed popping the pods to find the beans in their furry nest, but I didn’t like eating them so the task wasn’t a completely happy one for me :) . I really ought to try them again – your salad sounds delicious!

    • When I was a kid I didn’t like eating them either (so I generally didn’t eat them) but, like you, enjoyed helping prepare them all the same. The salad was kind of based on what we happened to have in, with a couple of additions but it was surprisingly good. I think I’ll be making it again :).

  2. I left a comment here earlier and it has disappeared! I must have done something wrong :/
    I have never eaten broad beans, but they look nice, so I think I will give them a try (my husband is pulling faces and telling me they are horrible, I think he was traumatised by them in his childhood).

    • That’s odd – thanks for ‘re-commenting’ :). What I’ve found is that if you blanch the beans in water this loosens the pale green outer casing on each bean and removing that makes them look nicer and taste sweeter. I think that outer shell is a bit bitter really. I think lots of people were traumatised by various types of food when they were kids. If you try them again and cook them differently you can often be surprised. Broad beans are in season at the moment too so they’re at their best – easy to grow too (I did once), although prone to black fly :/.

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