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I am an amateur photographer & former teacher, from Yorkshire but currently living in central London. I’ve studied theology a lot and like art, craft, films, food, cats and sleep.

About 8 years ago I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, which means, among other things, that my energy levels fluctuate quite a bit and I’m currently unable to work full-time. I’ve learned a lot about how to live with ME/CFS and keep finding out more all the time.

I try to do at least one creative thing each day and, one way or another I tend to share most of those things on here. I crochet, sew, cook and bake as well as spending as much time as I can exploring central London so that kind of explains what usually features in my blog posts!

I Tweet almost every day and try to blog at least once a week but more often than that if I can.

I hope you enjoy what you see/read here. If you want to get in touch or if you’d like to guest post on here I’d love to hear from you.

All the photographs on this blog are my own work, unless otherwise stated. If you want to use them I’d prefer it if you ask but if you don’t ask or if you ‘Pin’ them on Pinterest, please at least link back to the original on my blog so I get the credit. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    It’s great to find your blog, from this little ‘about me’ section I think we have many similar interests, as well as both having ME/CFS so I look forward to going through your posts. Recently my partner wrote a blog post about the effects of the government cuts to disabled benefits. I am trying to raise as much awareness as possible so check it out at: and if you agree with it then please spread the word!
    Katie x

    • Hi, thanks for commenting. I hope you enjoy what I write. The blog’s still very new to me so I’m still learning. I’ll head over and read your boyfriend’s article in a sec too. Take care, x

  2. Hiya, absolutely love your blog name and your Moomin tray (you’ll find from my blog that I’m a complete Moomin fanatic). :) We’re trying to move toward a gluten/dairy free diet (we were influenced by a book called Wheat Belly) so look forward to your nutrition/food tips as well!

    • I started writing a reply and then somehow lost it so I’ll start again :). Thanks for saying hello – it’s always good to ‘meet’ a fellow Moomin obsessive! I’ve not posted much about nutrition in a while but no doubt there will be a few bits and bobs dotted around as they come to mind so I hope you enjoy them and whatever else I post on here. I’ve just had a quick nosey at your blog too so I’ll be heading back there in a second to look around a bit more. :).x

  3. Thanks for helping me to find your blog. I’ve enjoyed poking around. Two people this week have mentioned the name Danny Gregory. You and another blog friend. So, as someone very interested in pen & ink drawing I think I have to take a trip to the library soon. Your bread drawing was great. Keep up the good work! And, thanks for the “likes” on Marian’s Art Studio.

    • Ah, thanks for visiting! I’ve actually now bought the book I mention here, along with 2 other books by DG so I think they’ll keep me busy for a while. It’s nice to get back into doing some drawing so thanks for the kind words :).

  4. Hello! I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Award! You can claim it here and start spreading some of your own sunshine! :)

  5. Hey! Your blog is beautiful! I love how you see beauty in the everyday and transmit that to us!

  6. I love your drawings and photography :3 you’re very talented!

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