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**If you are still able to see this post then please update your bookmarks or clear your brower’s cache as all traffic should now be getting redirected to, regardless of whether the ‘’ bit is included in the link.

If you have subscribed to the blog through this page on or after 4th April please note that your subscription will not have been moved across to the new site so you will no longer received updates.

All other WordPress and email subscribers should now have been moved to my new site so should continue to receive updates, although WordPress subscribers will only receive those updates in WordPress Reader and not by email (you’ll need to re-subscribe via email to get email updates from now on). **

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed me talking about making changes to the blog.

You may also have been a bit confused about the blog looking different here and there.

It’s also possible that you’ve not noticed anything different at all, which is perhaps a good thing!

So just in case, I’ll explain. I’ve moved the blog from WordPress over to a self-hosted site. As I write this the new blog is live at

For the moment the old blog (this one) is also still online at

I’m waiting for WordPress to move all my subscribers’ information across to my new site so that both email and WordPress subscribers will still receive updates when I post something new.

Once that information has been transferred I’ll take the site offline and redirect all traffic to the new site. So that will mean that whichever address you type in or click on you will be taken to the same site.

I hope that makes sense and I’m hoping the confusion will only last for another day or two but I thought it made sense to explain what was going on in case you’d noticed the two different looking blogs and were wondering what was going on.

Other than that, all the posts, comments and other stuff should now be on the new site and after today all updates will happen on that site too so I’m hoping that (fingers crossed) things should work just the same as before!

If you are subscribed through WordPress you will continue to see updates in the WordPress Reader but if you want to continue to receive email updates of new posts you’ll need to subscribe to the blog via email at

Although the site looks pretty much the same as it did before (other than a change of theme) making the move has taken a lot longer than I’d anticipated but I hope it’ll be worth it!


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