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Seeing What’s Right in Front of You

Going out to find inspiration

Sometimes, when I feel bored or uninspired there’s a temptation to get up, go out and see a new place or re-visit somewhere that I’ve not been in a long time.

There’s nothing wrong with that and I enjoy going out, walking around, visiting places, seeing new (and old) things and coming home feeling kind of refreshed.

As you know, I enjoy walking around photographing things. Things I might not have noticed before or new things in places I haven’t visited before.

The Colours project I’m working on is a good example of this. It’s like a small challenge to seek out specific colours that surround me but that I might ordinarily not actually see or notice.

Thinking Smaller

The thing is that sometimes it’s not as easy for me to get out and wander around as much as I’d like to and that can be really frustrating.

I enjoy taking photographs and for a long time I’ve had it in my head that the only way to find interesting subjects was to go out and find them (and I still do enjoy doing that).

Inspired by the work of Michael Nobbs and Keri Smith, though, I’ve started to change my focus a bit.

Sometimes I’ll go out and about to take photographs and when I can’t, I’ll find inspiration at home, from the things that surround me and are right in front of me all of the time.

I already enjoy taking photographs of the things that often go unnoticed. Not just the colours but the smaller details so I’m starting to apply that to my photography at home.

5 Things

Keeping on the colours theme for now, you may remember that I mentioned how orange isn’t a colour that I’ve seen very much of around London. so continuing from there I decided to find some orange items at home. Specifically, the first 5 books with orange covers that I could find on my bookshelves.

Again, orange was difficult to find among all the red, blue, white and grey covered books but there were a few.

How do you find inspiration for the creative stuff you do?


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