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Happy New Year

Champagne Cork

Spotted near the Millennium Bridge on a walk down to the Thames at lunchtime today.

New Year’s Eve

We avoided the crowds last night, opting to watch a film at home. Although we couldn’t really see much of the London fireworks from here we couldn’t avoid hearing them, even if we’d tried.

We watched from the bedroom window as the clouds glowed in different colours and listened to the cracks, bangs and music happening about 2 miles away, although sounding much closer.

St Paul's and the Millennium Bridge from Bankside

New Year’s Day

Today was a cold, crisp, sunny day. We walked to the river with sandwiches and a flask of tea, wandered around the shop at the Tate Modern and bought cakes on the way home. A very good way to start the new year, in my opinion.

Happy New Year and let’s hope that 2013 is good to us all.


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